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Alphabetical Daylily Listing, Click on the Daylily Name for Picture and Description.
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New Fall 2016 Introductions Are Here! New

Note: "*" in the name denotes Tetraploids.
Betty’s Purple Extravaganza (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
Blackberry Scandals (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
*By His Stripes (Roberts, K. '16) N/A
*Echoes of God (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
*Fair Weather Friend (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
Garden Girls Peach Taffy (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
Garden Girl’s Tangerine Taffy (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
Helen’s Teacup (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
I’m Still Standing (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
Just Believe (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
Mama's Red Lipstick (Roberts, K. '16) $50SF
Melinda’s Teacup (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
More for the Jar (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
*My Sister Helen (Roberts, K. '16) $125SF
Pepper’s Heart (Roberts, K. '16) $75SF
Twilight to Midnight (Roberts, K. '16) $50SF
*William Steve Roberts (Roberts, K. '16) $100SF

Cajun Crankbait (Roberts, K. '15) $75DF
Crawdad Chiggerbait (Roberts, K. '15) $75DF
*Crimson Bayou (Roberts, K. '15) $75DF
High on the Hog (Roberts, K. '15) $75DF
Mardi Gras Minnowbait (Roberts, K. '15)
*Midnight Scandals (Roberts, K. '15) $75DF
*Mulberry Bayou (Roberts, K. '15) $75DF
Penny's Passion (Roberts, K. '15) $75DF
*Scarlet Scandals (Roberts, K. '15) $75DF

Previous Introductions
All previous introductions are double fans or better unless specified as single fan.
Always in My Heart (Roberts, K. '03)
Banana Boogiebait (Roberts, K. '04) $25
Black Armadillo (Roberts, K. '10) $45
Callie's Curls (Roberts, K. '08) $35
Charlotte's Curls (Roberts, K. '03) N/A
Charlotte's Shadow (Roberts, K. '10) N/A
Chartreuse Armadillo (Roberts, K. '10) $45
Cherry Crankbait (Roberts, K. '04) $25
Ella's Curls (Roberts, K. '03) N/A
Fiesta Flippinbait (Roberts, K. '04) $25
George's Spiderweb (Roberts, K. '04) $25
Golden Spoonbillbait (Roberts, K. '04) N/A
Hailey and Hannah (Roberts, K. '10) N/A
Hurly Hoola Popperbait (Roberts, K. '04) N/A
Jarod and Heidi (Roberts, K. '03) N/A
Jarod's Red Spinnerbait (Roberts, K. '07) $25
Jaunting Junebugbait (Roberts, K. '04) N/A
Jimmy's Bassbait (Roberts, K. '03) N/A
Jungle Boogie (Roberts, K. '08) N/A
Just Three Nails (Roberts, K. '07) $25
Landon's Leaping Lizards (Roberts, K. '08) N/A
Muscadine Jiggin' Minnowbait (Roberts, K. '03) N/A
Macayla's Curls (Roberts, K. '08) $35
No Expiration Date (Roberts, K. '10) $55
Pale Pinata (Roberts, K. '08) N/A
Pink Armadillo (Roberts, K. '04) $25
Radical Raspberry Curls (Roberts, K. '03) N/A
Rasberry Armadillo (Roberts, K. '08) $35
Touched by God (Roberts, K. '03) N/A
Vanilla Armadillo (Roberts, K. '08) N/A