Kemberly Gardens

Kemberly Gardens

Welcome to our 2015 Introductions.

KEMBERLY GARDENS is a family owned Spider/Unusual Form Daylily business.  It is the passion and vision of Dr. Kemberly Roberts since 2000.  Back in 2000, Kemberly fell in love with Jack Temples spiders and has loved and worked with these forms ever since!  Kemberly will also be introducing a totally new line of very dark BLACK "biscuits" see the upcoming Seedling pages soon.
We are a private hybridizing nursery. If you would like to visit, please call and set up an appointment. We are not a Display Garden open to the public. We have 5 Rottweillers that must be penned prior to a visit, and I can "fix my hair, put makeup on, bake some goodies, etc.." so we can have a "Southern" - down home visit.
We strive to introduce only quality, vigourous daylilies, even me hybridizing in the rain.  All "named" spideries shown on the site are registered with the American Hemerocallis Society. Visit

We take checks, money orders, and Paypal. You can email me for the Paypal account name. We even have a "Lay-a-way" Plan for those who need to split their payments.   PLEASE email us prior to sending your Order, so I can check on availability and save your plants.
Shipping Information:
Shipping is $15.00 + 1.00 per plant. We only ship United States Priority Mail. We mail out freshly dug plants each Monday or Tuesday to insure your plants arrive by Friday.

    Our Spideries have been COLD TESTED and OVER WINTERED in Ohio and Virginia.  They grow excellent and do NOT have a problem with Cold, nor hot weather temperatures.  We do not grow wimpy plants ONLY HARDY ones. Who would want to pay good money for a lousy plant - NOBODY. We ONLY sell the BEST plants as I would NEVER put my Name on a sickly plant.

    We mail out ONLY plants that we would want to RECEIVE. We do NOT send a "chopped" to death or a BAP plant. I think it's AWFUL when people send out "hack-to death" plants that you have to "babysit" worrying that they will die. NOT HERE !

    We have NEVER used BAP as I have heard how it remains in the plant for years and produces sickly plants. You will receive a BIG SF + any Extras that have grown since the plants were lined out in early October.

    PLEASE feel free to MESSAGE me with ANY questions that you might have. I'll be glad to reply.