Midnight Scandals, Daylily

*Midnight Scandals

*Midnight Scandals (Roberts, K. ‘15)  (Rolling Raven sdlg X V Ribbons Sdlg)  Tet., 41" sc.,  9" fl.,  EM., SEv.,  Reblooms,  3 way branching. 13 buds.  Unusual Form Crispate

     This fabulous dark Mardi Gras purple  TET  Crispate Unusual form stands out with the prominent lighter midribs and the large yellow dark lime green throat. Gorgeous  8" blooms on tall 41" scapes that are 3 way branched with 13 buds per scape. This ‘Gorgeous Gal’ also "curls" on super hot days and can be either a Crispate or a Cascading beauty.  Even though the bud count is about average for BIG TET spidery, MIDNIGHT SCANDALS reblooms TWICE here. Definitely puts up a show and I set pods on it this year which I usually don't on set many on new "babies".